Federico Pozzi Chiesa


Managing Director of GC Holding, the group that controls Italmondo S.p.a., a world leader in international logistics services. He designed and created SupernovaHub, Corporate Venture. He has designed and founded Sendabox, the first shipping comparator in Italy. He is Co-founder and a member of the board of Termostore and of Zoro. Finally, a member of the board of directors of Borsadelcredito.

Alessandro Andreozzi


General Manager of SupernovaHub, Co-founder and CEO of Termostore and founder of BorsadelCredito. Previously, he gained many years of experience in the business credit sector, working as a management consultant for the main Italian banks, first in Business Integration Partner, then for Accenture Management Consulting.

Lorenzo Petronio


General Manager of SupernovaHub, COO of Termostore and member of the first hour of BorsadelCredito. Previously, he gained more than 15 years of experience in strategic and operational business management, both in the Financial Services and Industrial sectors, working as a management consultant in KPMG, Accenture Strategy, EY and as a manager in Bracco.

Simone Manneschi


CEO of Carpediem and founder of Previously, he gained many years of experience in software development for major Italian and international players in the insurance, credit and investment sectors. For some years he has focused his activity on the development of solutions


Francesco Sioli

Frontend Developer

He graduated in information technology, after that he started work as frontend developer. In this working period he specialized himself to create the HTML and CSS of the sites/mobile application. He also had to approach with the backend world, learning some programming languages like angular, javascript, c#.

Massimiliano Acampa

.Net Developer

.Net Developer specializing in server side programming in C#, ASP Net MVC. During this period he also deepened his knowledge about the creation and customization of the MVC view using bootstrap, approaching the world of front end programming and client side (CSS, JavaScript, Angular2)

Marco Milita


Programmer with experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript and object-oriented programming. Great concern about innovative Technologies, such as Blockchain, and the impact that will be in our future



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