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to RealLife Application

Our mission is to find new ways to apply Blockchain to daily businesses, creating value clients and investors






We support our clients in applying the blockchain to real life, through a wide range of consulting services: from strategy development to its application. A team with longstanding experience will accomplish client’s needs in all project phases

Business Strategy & Growth

We support the business of our clients through several integrated services: from support to business plan definition to fund rising through ICOs, from corporate strategy development to its full implementation and execution

Marketing & Communication

We guide our clients in their go-to-market plan, leveraging an unpaired experience of our team and network, that can help our customer from the early stages of idea to the full development and deployment of the solution

Go-To-Market Strategy

We enhance the marketing and communication of our clients thanks to the knowledge gathered: effectiveness of SEO and SEM, social communication, community management and omnichannel implementation




Without research there is no evolution, we believe in experimentation and we try to foresee the new step of technology

Future Application & Blockchain evolution

We always look to the future, we follow each new project focusing on technical and innovative aspects. Let's try to predict what will be the next step of the blockchain to play in advance on the times. Follow our social channels to keep up with the next blockchain news.

Prototyping and Idea KickStarting

We create demo and smart contract prototypes on the new programmable blockchain, follow our github to directly test the news and try to understand how these will simplify the development in blockchain. Stay tuned to know what are the trending upcoming topics and ideas




Teaching a technology means spreading it. We strongly believe in the evolution that will bring the blockchain in our life, our goal is that everyone can understand it

Public Teaching through Social Media

We want to share our knowledge, we have created an animated series that nicely explains what the blockchain is and how it works. Follow our youtube channel and our facebook page!

Private and business training section

Have you heard of blockchain and you think it can help your company, do you want to become a blockchain consultant? We organize complete training courses on what it is and how to apply the blockchain effectively.

Corporate Awarness Sections

Do you want to understand how blockchain could impact on your business? Do you want to increase the level of confidence of your team about those topics? Ask for a awareness section to enanche your corporate knowledge



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