Link BLOCKCHAIN to Real Life Application

Rockerchain was born as an Italian reference point on blockchain technology. Founded in November 2017, it brings together a team of experts from Big 4 as well as figures with decades of experience in the development of enterprise applications. "Link Blockchain to Real Life Application" Blockchain and its first BitCoin application are seen as a geeky field and most people still have no idea how this technology will change our lives over the next few years. Our goal is to demonstrate how Blockchain can be used in real life and how it can be improved. We want to simplify and make use of the Blockchain, through our social channels you can consult videos and read articles for each level of user.

RockerChain was born within the Supernova Hub, Start-up incubator Technologists of the Itamondo group. Superova is an accelerator with over 50 professionals and experts of the digital economy.



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